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The IMEKO 2022 General Council Sessions took place on the 27th and 28th of August at PTB Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin, Germany. Happy to announce that it was a very well-attended and successful event. Holding it in hybrid mode allowed the Technical Committees and Member Organisations to represent well with over 70 participants. The local organizers provided excellent service to the GC; special thanks to them.

Something new to this GC was the presentations from EUROLAB, SIM, APMP and EURAMET.
On the second day, PhD Cornelia Denz, the President of the German Institute PTB hosting the Sessions, warmly welcomed the IMEKO Community.
It was all so different from the last two years of solely online meetings. During the breaks, the time was well used to catch up and have personal conversations.
The new members, namely IMBIH, the Metrology Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina and EMI, the United Arab Emirates, were warmly welcomed and are now official members. IMEKO became richer, with 65 new members to its Technical Committees and 12 new TC officers, all approved by the Technical Board and the General Council.
The Working Groups' recommendations were part of the TB report. There were short discussions, followed by voting for the best solutions. The "How to organize TC events" aims to aid event organizers. It contains summaries of necessary procedure handling and practical attachments to fill out. This allows smoother handling of event applications. The TB and TC functioning recommendations followed the recent much faster pace of the IMEKO operations. These reports are available on request at the Secretariat. The Working Groups will continue their activities. The first meetings are expected to take place in October. Anybody interested in joining is welcome; please contact the Secretariat for the details.
About the IMEKO Journals "Tens of thousands of authors and reviewers worldwide see IMEKO through the publications that bear the IMEKO logo. Major successes to report on the publishing front – a few highlights: IMEKO NEWSLETTER –SEPTEMBER 2022 Measurement’s Impact Factor 2021: 5.131 (+30.66% on 2020); CiteScore: 7.8 (+21.88%). Editorial and Publication speeds for this journal are fast and continually improving, despite an increasing number of submissions. Measurement: Sensors, first CS of 0.1 was just achieved. As well as Scopus, it is also indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and we have applied for Clarivate indexing recently. A number of Special Issues are underway to create momentum, including IMEKO World Congress 2021. Measurement: Food, indexed in DOAJ; we have recently put forward applications for PubMed Central, Clarivate and Scopus. Acta IMEKO: Impact Factor 2021: 0.99 Increased number of publications: 2020: 52; to 2021: 122 and Increased number of citations 2020: 188 v 2021: 233 with an Increased number of Reviewers and reduced publication time. Acta IMEKO articles are now published as soon as they are ready. Note: The DOIs are assigned in a batch when the whole issue is finalized and published." Currently, a total of 745 DOIs are assigned as of July 2022. Planning for the launch of a new journal: Measurement: Energy." (Written by Prof. Kenneth Grattan, Publication Officer)


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This year we also brought out a special issue for Metrology Day 20th of May 2022 with the theme "Metrology in the Digital Era"


The IMEKO headquarters moved to a new location with the 1st of November 2021.
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